Our process

Our process

Our process

Knowing your genetic identity is important to be able to take care of yourself and your family. At myDNAmap we offer a full genetic report. Request your kit today and discover everything your DNA says about your health.

Register via myDNAmap. It is a simple process that will not take you more than two minutes

Once you have registered, a genetic counsellor will explain everything you need to know about our services in detail and will answer all your questions.

You will receive a myDNAmap kit to collect a saliva sample.


Collect your sample using the easy to follow instructions shown on the kit.

Contact our prepaid messaging service to have your sample collected and sent to our laboratory.

We will extract DNA from your sample and will sequence your entire genome. We will freeze a sample of your DNA to use for future analyses, if necessary.

We are going to store all of your information securely and you will have complete control of your data.

We will use the latest scientific research to analyse your genome.

A doctor/genetic counsellor will help you interpret the information in the report, answer all your questions and guide you through the next steps.

Once completed, the report will be sent to you via the myDNAmap app, so you can make an appointment with a doctor.

We will process the information gathered from the sequencing and issue a full report.


myDNAmap app

Via the myDNAmap app, you can store relevant medical information (clinical analyses, family medical history etc.), nutritional information, habits and geographical location. This information will be very useful for health professionals.