Who we are:

We are an interdisciplinary work team, made up of physicians, molecular biologists, biochemists, data scientists and software engineers.


Our objective:

a)   To disseminate the concept and benefits or preventive/predictive medicine and recognise the huge potential of genomic information as a tool to find solutions to improve people’s health.

b)    To integrate technologies into a multidisciplinary analysis platform, based on current knowledge and with our eyes on the future.

c)    To use technological tools, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to streamline analysis of genome and environmental factors (diet, exercise, stress, emotional management, etc.) that can influence our health. 

d) To promote use of technological tools among healthcare professionals.


Launching of myDNAmap: Third quarter 2019

Pre-launch: In the first quarter of 2019, we will offer 100 people the chance to subscribe to myDNAmap advance. These persons shall be our founder users and shall have the following special benefits:

· A one-off payment of €1,800

· A discount in their annual subscription for 10 years, with a price of €10 per year (instead of 175).

· Possibility to request an additional counselling appointment during the first year.

· Knowing in advance new services and access them at a preferential price.


During pre-launch it will be possible to make a reservation of 200€. This reservation shall be valid for up to 9 months, during which the whole cost of our service must be paid.

Users shall obtain the following benefits:

· A discount in their annual subscription for the first year, with a price of 10€ (instead of 175€).

· Possibility to request an additional counselling appointment during the first year.

If you decide not to complete the reservation and hire our service within said 9-month period, such reservation amount shall give you the opportunity to request an ancestry analysis and receive genetic counselling with our physicians and specialists.





These General Conditions of Use govern the use of the services provided to users by MY DNA MAP S.L.

Use of this website implies acceptance of the following conditions, thus waiving any claim in relation thereto:


a) ) Use of this website is intended for people over 18. The platform has been designed to be used by natural persons over eighteen (18) and with capacity to contract. Access to the provision of services, as they are here-below described, must be made by persons of legal age, with capacity to contract or, failing that, by their legal representatives. If at MY DNA MAP S.L. we find out or reasonably suspect that we have collected information from minors or persons unable to express their free will without their due representatives, such information shall be forthwith erased from our database.


b) MY DNA MAP S.L. may modify the website content, its services, fees, warranties, etc., at any time and without notice.


c) MY DNA MAP S.L. may make available to users links or other elements allowing access to third party websites. We do not market the products and services of said linked web pages, and we do not accept any liability in relation thereto, nor for the information therein contained, nor for its truthfulness, legality, nor for any effects that may arise therefrom. In all events, MY DNA MAP S.L. represents that it shall forthwith withdraw any content that may breach national or international law, which is contrary to morality or public order, immediately withdrawing any link to said web page, and informing the competent authorities of such content.


d) Prices quoted in the web shall be valid, except for typographical errors, and shall be subject to changes without prior notice.


e) It is not necessary to subscribe, or provide any kind of personal data, to browse the web page.


f) MY DNA MAP S.L. cannot guarantee uninterrupted or completely free from errors operation of this site. Consequently, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused for using this site.


g) MY DNA MAP S.L. offers its services and products for an indefinite period, however, it may suspend provision thereof unilaterally and without previous notice.


h) MY DNA MAP S.L. shall not be held liable for own or third party damages, arising from misuse of this site by the client.


i) Users undertake to not use this website or the services offered in it for the performance of activities contrary to the law, public order or these conditions.


j) MY DNA MAP S.L. shall not be held liable for any viruses arising from telematic transmission, infiltrated by third parties or generated with the aim of obtaining negative results in a computer system.


k) MY DNA MAP S.L. shall not be held liable for any information and contents stored, including, without limitation, in forums, blogs generators, comments, social media or any other media that allow third parties to post comments independently on the web page of the provider. However, in compliance with the provisions of Articles 11 and 16 of LSSI-CE, MY DNA MAP S.L. shall be available to all users, authorities and security forces, to actively collaborate in the removal or, if applicable, blocking of any contents that may affect or breach national or international law, third party rights or morality and public order. If a user believes there is any content on the website which could be thus classified, he/she should immediately notify the website administrator.


l) This website has been reviewed and tested to work properly. In principle, its correct functioning can be guaranteed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, MY DNA MAP S.L., does not exclude the possibility that programming errors, or force majeure events, natural disasters, strikes, or similar circumstances may occur and make it impossible to access the web page.


m) The content of the articles published on this web page shall not be considered, in any way, as substitute for medical and legal counselling. Users should not rely on the information on this Web Site without previously resorting to professional counselling.


Users hold sole responsibility for their use of the services, contents and links included on this website.




1. Legal conditions to buy at MY DNA MAP S.L.

These legal Conditions for contracting govern the use of on-line contracting for the website www.mydnamap.com www.mydnamap.com, ,with MY DNA MAP S.L. being the legal representative.


2. Applicable regulations:

This electronic agreement is entered into under Spanish regulations and, in particular, under the legal framework of Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and General Act 03/2014 for the Protection of Consumers and Users (LGDCU).

This electronic agreement shall not be filed by a third party and the language for its execution shall be Spanish. These general conditions may be stored and reproduced at any time by users, using their browser’s options, and they must be accepted before payment of the order.


3. Registration:

At the time of registration, users must provide the following information:

· User name and password

· Tax Identity Number

· Address

· Contact: name, surname, telephone, e-mail.


4. Data processing:

MY DNA MAP S.L., in its capacity as controller of personal data and health and genomic information of users, undertakes to strictly comply with current legislation regarding personal data protection.

MY DNA MAP S.L. is under an obligation to a) deliver or provide access to personal data to assigned Processors so that they may provide the services contracted; b) assess the impact to personal data protection of the processing activities, if applicable; c) make the relevant previous consultations to guarantee diligent data protection; d) ensure compliance with the Regulation, before and during processing; and e) supervise processing, including by performing inspections and audits. Forwarding biological samples to laboratories. Biological sample obtained (in case the sequencing service has been ordered) may be forwarded to external laboratories in charge of processing it. These are mere service providers subcontracted by MY DNA MAP. S.L. Biological samples shall be forwarded in a dissociated form, so that users’ identity cannot be inferred at any time. By accepting these clauses, users authorise and expressly agree to their samples being sent to external laboratories. Once the process is finished, the laboratory shall destroy the sample.

For further information, visit our “Privacy Policy”.


5. Services:

MY DNA MAP, S.L. offers a technical report and counselling service based on the analysis of the genetic profile resulting from massive sequencing techniques, through a subscription model.

Subscription model: MY DNA MAP S.L. offers an initial report, that shall be updated every year, based on 3 points and generating a new report each time:

a) that extends the trial base of the first report including new scientific and technological progress.

b)  that includes new research on genomics that may affect health.

c) on the analysis and connection of life habits, environment and medical reports that users may provide through the mDm app.


Reports: Reports shall be organised in 5 areas of knowledge:

1)     Ancestry

2)      Nutrigenetics

3)      Genetics of sports and physical activity

4)     Pharmacogenetics

5)     Screening of the genetic risk of developing diseases.


6. Price policy and delivery time:

The initial price of the service is € 1,790, corresponding to the DNA sequencing and first complete report and that shall be paid only once.

Annual subscription for genetic analysis taking into account scientific progress and data provided by the user, as well as delivery of updated reports, shall amount to € 185 per year.

Delivery time is established in 8-12 weeks from the sample taking.

7. Procedure:

By accepting our Sequencing services, you authorise performance of a genetic test that will generate Raw Genome Data. To this end, these steps must be followed:

·         Subscription to the service

·        Interview with physician/genetic counsellor

·         Informed consent or cancellation of service

·        Kit shipping and sample taking

·        Creation of genetic profile and initial report

·         Medical interview to interpret the first report and

         medical advice

·       Possibility to enter data on the environment, life habits and

          medical records in the app

·        Generation of a new annual report and new interview

          physician/genetic counsellor

·        Storage of the biological sample in a biobank duly authorised

        for future uses. Express consent shall be required as part of

        the informed consent and the acceptance of the service.


8. Methods of payment:

MY DNA MAP S.L. offers the following methods of payment:

· Bank transfer or deposit

· Debit/credit card

· PayPal

Conditions for each of the methods of payment:


→Bank transfer or deposit

MY DNA MAP S.L. offers the possibility to pay by bank transfer or deposit to our bank account:

Bankia - IBAN: ES91 2038 1076 7060 0098 9554
Bankia S.A.

Users will receive an e-mail detailing the service hired, the amount to be paid and bank account details of myDNAmap. Please, include the reference number provided by MY DNA MAP S.L as reason for payment in the bank transfer.

→Debit or credit card

Payment by debit or credit card is made through the secure payment gateway of Bankia. With this method of payment, MY DNA MAP S.L. does not collect or handle any data from clients relating to their card number. This data is directly processed by the bank & Redsys, so that MY DNA MAP S.L. can offer the highest security, transparency and confidentiality in the operation.

Cards currently accepted by the payment gateway are Visa and Mastercard.


With this method of payment, MY DNA MAP S.L. does not collect or handle any bank data. This data is directly processed by PayPal, so that MY DNA MAP S.L. can offer the highest security, transparency and confidentiality in the operation.


9. Shipping conditions:

The kit shall be delivered at the address provided by the user at the time of hiring the service. The subsequent changes of the place of delivery shall only be possible if the kit has not left MY DNA MAP S.L. offices. If the kit has already been handed over to the courier service, it shall not be possible to change the place of delivery.

the sample taking is completed, users must contact the courier service hired by MY DNA MAP, S.L. to collect the kit. Kit delivery and collection by the courier service shall be at no cost to the user.

Important notice: Please, make sure that the parcel received is externally in good condition and check its completeness. In case of defects, please contact My DNA MAP S.L within 24 hours from delivery..

For the time being, MY DNA MAP S.L. shall provide the services offered on its web page in Spain and Argentina. If you live in a different country and wish to hire our services, please contact administracion@mydnamap.com and we will do our best to meet your request.


10. Shipping costs:

Kit shipping and collection costs shall be on account of MY DNA MAP S.L.


11. Price policy:

All prices are expressed in Euros and are valid, except for typographical errors. In case there is a manifest error in the price of any of our services, the price established for such service in the informative e-mail sent on detection of the mistake shall prevail.


12. Cancellations:

At MY DNA MAP S.L. we aim to maximise user satisfaction.

If, after receiving genetic counselling, you decide to cancel the service, you can do so within 10 days. All you have to do is contact us via our e-mail administracion@mydnamap.com.

Once we receive the request to cancel the service, we shall proceed to reimburse the amounts paid as follows:

· If payment was made by card, refund shall be made to your bank account.

· If payment was made by PayPal, refund shall be made to your PayPal account.

· If payment was made by bank transfer or deposit, you will be asked to provide your bank data so that we can perform the refund.


Services marketed through our website (against payment) and accepted by users, shall not give right to refund once MY DNA MAP SL has provided the genome sequencing to the user.

The genome sequencing service can only be cancelled if the biological sample of the has not been sent to the laboratory for processing.


In case the user decides to cancel subscription to the annual reports service, the effective date for cancellation shall be the last day of the subscription period, without refund. In all events, users may request immediate cancellation of the service and erasure of their data.


13. Modification of the conditions:

MY DNA MAP S.L. reserves the right to review or modify, at any time and without prior notice, the Website layout or configuration, as well as the current General Conditions, which shall be immediately applicable after their publication in said Website.

Users can consult said General Conditions from a visible and easily accessible place of the Website and may make as many queries as they need.

Users undertake to carefully read the General Conditions before contracting or authorising any service through the Website or the platform.

Some of the services provided by MY DNA MAP S.L. through the platform may contain particular conditions with provisions regarding protection of personal data, which shall prevail over the General Conditions. In this sense, it is important that users keep in mind said particular conditions.



14. Partial Nullity:

If any Clause of these General Conditions is declared void, it shall be withdrawn or replaced. In any case, such nullity shall not affect the validity of the rest of provisions of these General Conditions.


15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

These General Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with Spanish legislation. In case of discrepancy or claim between the parties regarding compliance or these General Conditions, the parties agree to submit the issue to the competent Courts of Madrid in accordance with applicable legislation.


16. Contact:

These General Conditions are applicable to all users of this website. Should you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions for contracting, you may contact us via e-mail at administracion@mydnamap.comand we will be happy to answer your question.