1.jpg Subscribe to myDNAmap.
2.jpg Once you have subscribed, a physician or genetic counsellor will provide you with extensive information on everything you need to know about our services and will answer any questions you may have. Once you agree to the information received, you may cancel your subscription at no cost or accept the terms and conditions and sign the informed consent.
3.jpg You will receive a myDNAmap kit for the saliva sample taking.
4.jpg Collect the sample at your convenience following the easy-to follow instructions contained in the kit.
6.jpg Contact our prepaid courier service to collect your sample and send it to our laboratory.
7.jpg Extraction of DNA from your sample will be carried out and your whole genome will be sequenced. With your prior authorisation, a sample of the DNA will be frozen to be used in future analysis if necessary.
8.jpg Your personal and genetic information will be stored in a totally secure manner and fully under your control.
9.jpg The last scientific information will be used to analyse your genome.
10.jpg The information obtained from sequencing will be processed and a complete report will be issued.
11.jpg Once the report is complete (8-10 weeks), you will be notified via myDNAmap app so that you set up an appointment with a physician or genetic counsellor. You may access the report by using your “key(s)".
12.jpg A physician/genetic counsellor will help you understand the information on the report, will answer any questions you may have and will guide you through the following steps.
13.jpg In myDNAmap app you may store relevant health information (clinical analysis, family medical history, etc.), nutritional information, habits and geographical location. This information may be used by our healthcare professionals for counselling and to give you advice to improve your health and well-being, if needed.

Due to the rapid scientific progress in the field of genomics, your genome will be reanalysed once a year. If we find any new information that should be reported to you, we will inform you via myDNAmap app so that you can schedule a new appointment with our genetic counsellors.